Welcome to KSSIDC

The growth of Small Scale Industries in our country since independence is rightly regarded as one of the most significant features of planned economic development. The very concept of small-scale industries, as we know, was not in vogue on the eve of independence. Rural and Cottage industries, which constituted the “indigenous sector” of our industries, were wide spread throughout the length and breadth of our country.

Various programmes to sustain, modernise and further develop this group of industries were initiated soon after the independence and the modern small-scale industry scheme has gradually emerged out of this programme. The Small Scale Industries have provided opportunities for self employment to educated young men and experienced technicians from the middle level of society and contributed full to the growth of industrial entrepreneurship in our country.

To day small-scale industries is regarded as power tool for balanced regional economic development. These achievements are primarily due to the dynamic enterprising spirit of the small-scale industrialists themselves.


The Corporation’s principal objective is the promotion and development of Small Industries in the State. Construction and utilisation of infrastructure, especially in backward areas, procurement and marketing of Raw Materials, technical support and assistance-are means to reach the goals. A concern for results, emphasis on quality and timely work and willingness to understand the problems of entrepreneurs-are the staff creed, and KSSIDC constantly strive for this end. An Industrially prosperous Karnataka is our vision.